Nagrada občine (2018) - Zlato Sušnikovo priznanje na področju kulture

21. junija 2019 je KAPZ Mohorjan na osrednji prireditvi ob občinskem prazniku Občine Prevalje (26. 6.) prejel Zlato Sušnikovo priznanje na področju kulture.

Zlata plaketa na mednarodnem zborovskem tekmovanju Praga Cantat 2018

Od 1. do 4. novembra 2018, smo se KAPZ Mohorjan udeležili mednarodnega zborovskega tekmovanja Praga Cantat v Pragi na Češkem. V kategoriji mešanih zborov smo osvojili zlato plaketo in posebno priznanje za najboljšo izvedbo obvezne skladbe. Naš zborovodja Uroš Jurgec pa je prejel posebno priznanje žirije za izjemno dirigiranje.

Povezava do tekmovanja:

The third City of Derry International Choral Festival, 21 to 25 October 2016

Between 21 and 25 October 2016, the singers of KAPZ Mohorjan took part in the third City of Derry International Choral Festival, a competition where 10 choir from 8 different countries took part. The winner of the competition was the Saint Nicholas Choir Litija, Slovenia, conducted by Helena Fojkar Zupančič. KAPZ Mohorjan missed the podium by a whisker, coming in fourth.

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The inaugural performance of “Prevaljška legenda” (The Legend of Prevalje) – KAPZ Mohorjan and the youth section of the national society of ballet artists (DBUS), 7 December 2014

On 7 December 2014, KAPZ Mohorjan, in a co-production with the DBUS, performed the play “Prevaljška legenda” by Dr Franc Sušnik. Joško Kert, interpreted by Aleš Valič, envisioned the grand debut of the play, while Lojze Lebič, who had turned 80 that year, wrote the score. The vocal pieces were sang by KAPZ Mohorjan. The choreography and artistic direction were the work of Claudia Sovre, an assistant at the ballet section of the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana. She was able to combine classical ballet with modern elements, thereby creating a clear and concise image of the performance, which left the audience stunned. 

The 18th International Choir Festival “Cro Patria 2014”, Split (Croatia)

KAPZ Mohorjan took part in the 18th International Choir Festival “Cro Patria 2014”. In the category of compulsory pieces, the choir won first prize, and the silver medal in the category of new pieces. With the highest total score from both categories, KAPZ Mohorjan also won the Grand Prix of the competition.

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Gold medal at the “Naša pesem 2014” national choral competition

On Saturday, 12 April 2014, KAPZ Mohorjan took part in the Slovenian national choral competition in Maribor, which is organised by the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD). Out of 20 select choirs and vocal groups, KAPZ Mohorjan placed fourth in the mixed choirs’ category, and took home a gold medal (90.30 pts), a first for Carinthian choirs. In addition, Helena Buhvald Gorenšek received a special award given by the “Glasbena matica Ljubljana” culture society for promising choral director.

Winner of the “mixed choirs” category in Rimini, 2013

Out of 16 adult mixed acapella choirs, KAPZ Mohorjan came out on top, claiming the gold medal for achieving 95.2 points. This allowed us to compete in the grand finale, where we came second only to an exceptional young Polish girls’ choir. Their victory was thoroughly deserved. 

Conductor: Helena Buhvald Gorenšek.

International choral competition “Slovakia Cantat”, 26 to 29 April 2012

Between 26 and 29 April 2012, KAPZ Mohorjan took part in the international choral competition “Slovakia Cantat” in Bratislava, where we won a gold medal, placing third in the “mixed voices acapella” category. 

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National choral competition Naša pesem, 20 to 22 April 2012

Between 20 and 22 April, Maribor hosted the Slovenian national choral competition “Naša pesem”, where KAPZ Mohorjan took part for the first time. We took home the silver medal and were named the “best first time choir” of the competition. In addition, Helena Buhvald Gorenšek received the award for promising young conductor.

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